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Kocostar Rich Black Hair Cream

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KOCOSTAR Rich Black Hair Cream - Vegan, Waterproof

Clinically Proven 

- Visual enhancement of hair volume

- Receding hairline cover

- Temporary touch-up for gray hairs

- Hypoallergenic 

※ Testing Lab: Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences



KOCOSTAR Rich Black Hair Cream is a vegan-certified product made only with natural ingredients mild to hair and scalp.

It contains bamboo and hardwood charcoal powders instead of black iron oxide, a chemical colorant.

Waterproof formula that stays on all-day


Rich Black Hair Cream is a perfect solution if,

- You want to conceal thinning hairline

            It seamlessly blends in to create a natural look

- You have difficulty styling hair due to a lack of volume

            It visually enhances volume and density

- You are concerned about gray hairs

            It touches up the grays without damaging hair or scalp

- You do not enjoy using powder-type hair concealers

            It does not dry out hair or flake off like powder products


A simple how-to-use with tips

  1. After shampooing, remove excess water with a towel and blow-dry on low heat.
  2. Squeeze the cream onto the square tray and scoop with a silicon brush. Squeeze a small amount at first and adjust as necessary.
  3. Evenly apply to thinning areas, receding hairline, and gray hairs.
  4. Style your hair with a brush or blow for extra volume.


Read carefully before using the product

- Do not touch your hair after finishing styling.

            The product may get on your hands.

- If using before going out, we recommend applying the product in underclothing.

            It will help avoid staining your clothes.

- Be careful not to get the product on clothes.

            If it does, dry-clean to remove the stains.

- If your hair is long, tie your hair before using the product and apply only to the roots.

            It will prevent the product from transferring elsewhere.

- When the product gets on your hands, wash with soap.

            Due to the waterproof feature, it will not rinse well only with water.

- Make sure to shampoo before going to bed.

            The product may stain pillows and bedding.

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Kocostar Rich Black Hair Cream
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