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Infinite Shine

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color :
Pretty Pink Perseveres
From Here To Eternity
Girl Without limits
Running With The Infinite Crowd
Endurance Race To The Finish
Relentless Ruby
Indignantly Indigo
To Infinity & Blue Yond
To THe Finish Lime
Maintaining My Sandity
Tanaciuos Spirit
It Never Ends
Base Coat
Top Coat
Withstans The Test Of Thyme
Unequivocally Crimson
Raisin The Bar
She Went On And On And On
Berry On Forever
Rose Against Time
To Be Continued
The Sun Never Sets
Strong Coalition
Unrepentantly Red
Patience Pays Off
Get Ryd-Of-Thym Blues
Grapely Admired
Endless Purple Pursuit
If you Persist
Never Give Up
Don't Ever Stop
Cant Stop Myself
Staying Neutral on this One
Olive For Green
Don't Provoke The Plum
Its Pink PM
In Familiar Terra-tory
Sunrise To Sunset
Half Past Nude
Reach For The Sky
Pearl Of Wisdom
Eternally Turquoise
The Beige Of The Reason
Go To Grayt Lengths
Marooned in the Universe
Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic
Suzi Without A Paddle
No Tan Lines
Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet
Two-timing The Zones
Living On The Bula-vard
Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon
Polly Want a Lacquer
Do You Sea What I Sea
That A Spear In Your Pocket
Sweet Heart
Samon Sand
Chicago Champagne Toast
An Affare In Red Square
Cha Ching Cherry
Russain Navy
A Rose at Dawn Broke By Noon
My Address Is Hollywood
Cosmo Not Tonight Honey
Cia Color Awesome
She's A Bad Muffuletta
Lincoln Park After Dark
We The Female
Shh... It's Top Secret
Big Apple Red
Cajun Shrimp
Bubble Bath
Princesses Rule
Berilin There Done That
Bogota Black Berry
You Don't Know Jacques
It's A Girl
Alpine Snow
That Shula-rious
Lucky Lucky Lavender
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PAYMENT & SECURITY REVIEWS OPI is an important distributor of professional & high-quality hand care, nail care & skin care. They introduced Infinite Shine which is a nail lacquer system that offers a gel-like, shiny finish - no LED or UV light required. OPI Infinite Shine offers a range of bold & bright tones, which will see you through all seasons! Infinite Shine Basecoats & topcoats are available to enhance a shiny, even finish. The Infinite Shine system offers long-lasting colour & shine, which wears up to 10 days! The special formula primes your nails adds depth & intensifies colour - whilst giving you a mirror-like finish. Shine lasts until it's removed, easily removed - without having to soak your nails. Removes like OPI nail lacquers. Wear on your natural nails, or over acrylic & gel enhancements. OPI Infinite Shine Girls Without Limits is an intense blush, pink. Infinite Shine is a salon quality lacquer, that has a shiny, mirror-like finish. Two coats achieve the perfect, even, gel-like finish. A nail polish that is long-lasting & easily removed. It's Easy! Ensure your nails are cleansed, then apply one layer of OPI Infinite Shine Base coat - which makes sure your nails are cared for & prevents staining to your nails. It also helps lacquer take hold! Allow to dry, then apply two thin coats of OPI Infinite Shine nail lacquer - allow 15 minutes for your nails to completely dry. The last but most crucial part is adding one coat of OPI Infinite Shine Top Coat, this gives a shiny, even finish - allowing a long-lasting, fuller colour, with a mirror shine finish! OPI is a professional leading distributor of a range of products, such as; hand care, nail care & skin care. A reliable & high quality brand which is sold worldwide in over 103 countries, they are always expanding. Popular worldwide for releasing shades that keep up with key trends. On average OPI sells over 55,000,000 bottles of nail polishes & treatments every year - which proves their reliability & how high they are in demand. OPI are consistently praised for their high quality products & have access to research facilities which allows them to keep up to date with new formulas. This ensures the quality of their products keeps getting better & better - keeping OPI customers well up to date!
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